E-cigarettes helping smokers cut down

Electronic Cigarette War: Vapor Shark Sues Vapor Hog

The battery-powered device mimics the sensation of smoking. It delivers nicotine through a vapor. The e-cigarette is loaded with your flavor of choice. Some smokers say what they call “vaping” helps them cut down. Some doctors are concerned about the potential effects of toxins from e-cigarettes, not only for users, but for those around them.
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Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity in South Florida

infringes upon and dilutes the value of the VS marks and damages Vapor Shark.” It points out that the “hog” in Vapor Hog “refers to a Hog-Snapper fish, not… a pig, boar, or other variety of swine” and alleges that the logos, color schemes, and store layouts are all copycatted. Vapor Shark says that Vapor Hog has had the gall to leave fliers http://bloggd.org/blog/v/ywH/For+Starters%2C+Chemicals+Could+Have+Been+Added+To+Cigarettes+To+Prevent+The+Polonium+210+From+Vaporizing+So+The+Smokers+Will+Not+Inhale+It%21 on cars parked at Vapor Shark and that Vapor Hog’s minions go online to Yelp and other sites and falsely allege that Vapor Shark uses e-liquid from China. Vapor Shark counters that it’s the Hog that gets its e-juice from China. Vapor Shark owner Brandon Leidel said, “We’re the number-one brand in South Florida” — and that people shouldn’t confuse his type of “high-performance” e-cigarette with cheap, skinny, disposable ones like Blu (owned by Big Tobacco company Lorillard) that are commonly found at convenience stores.
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E Cigarette Reviewed Gets Back to Basics with New Review of Seminole Electronic Cigarettes

“You don’t smell, it doesn’t stain your teeth, it doesn’t stick to your clothes.” Some people turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Others use it to quit the habit altogether, but experts said there are still questions about the safety of e-cigarettes. “They’re certainly interesting devices and we need to know more, but we don’t know enough yet,” said Dr. Mark Block, Chief Of Thoracic Surgery with Memorial Healthcare.
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electronic cigarette

The Aurora disposables are completely self-contained and designed to be thrown out when the user is finished. At just over $6 per Aurora, their disposable e-cigarettes are also some of the cheapest on the market. In all, the cons found in the review included the presence of only one rechargeable kit available and the fact that cartridges arent currently sold in Tribe pack flavors. The pros far outweigh those two minor notes, including the multiple chargers included in the Arc Deluxe kit, the range of unique flavor options, and good my website vapor production.
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Vapor trail may lead to big sales for e-cig shops

The electronic cigarette bar sells several varieties of custom blends, all mixed at the Grove City store. The tough economy is continuing to take its toll on 20-somethings. A PNC Financial Services survey finds that the percentage of millennials with at le… Other Business Features More Articles The Dispatch E-Edition The E-Edition includes all of the news, comics, classifieds and advertisements of the newspaper. And it’s available to subscribers before 6 a.m.
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